Obama’s fobby flashback: Indonesian meatball noodle soup

Mr. President had his own fobby flashback last week.  “Bakso, nasi goreng…semuanya enak!” Obama said during a state dinner in Jakarta, Indonesia.  In other words: “Meatball soup, fried rice…it’s all delicious!”  Yup, Obama had his fill of local food while visiting his childhood home of Jakarta, where he lived from ages six to ten.  And in particular, the President admitted his special affection for one of his local favorites, Bakso, a meatball noodle soup.

You gotta admit, the dish looks absolutely amazing.  Meatballs, soft noodles, chopped bok choy, wontons, tofu, fried shallots and a hard-boiled egg…all in a savory broth.  Oh man, I’m getting hungry.  The dish is apparently Indonesia’s national street food, often sold from hawker carts.

“It’s wonderful to be here,” Obama said, “Although I have to tell you that when you visit a place that you spent time in as a child, as the president it’s a little disorientating.”

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(Thanks Hubie!)

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