How fast can you build a 15-story hotel? Try six days.

Ever lived in a city where the skyline is literally changing every six months?  How about every week?  When I lived in Shanghai, I was blown away by the speed at which the skyline was changing — buildings seemed to literally spring up from nowhere.  Case in point: this 15-story Ark Hotel in Changsha, China was literally built in six days.   And not just some flimsy, cheapo building, either.  It’s level nine earthquake resistant, sound-proofed and thermal-insulated.  Thanks to pre-made construction modules and modern construction techniques, Chinese construction happens at a seriously dizzying speed. I don’t know if I would risk rooming at this hotel, because I have a few doubts about its safety. What about you — would you stay in a building built in six days?

Watch the magic happen from day zero to six.

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(Thanks Dunks!)

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