Asian guy wears old-man mask to enter Canada illegally

Beware the next time you sit next to a suspicious-looking elderly Caucasian man on the airplane — it could be a young Asian dude. Recently, an unidentified Hong Kong man boarded an Air Canada flight AC018 bound for Vancouver from Hong Kong, disguised in an old-man mask and carrying a boarding pass of a U.S. citizen born in 1955.

Unfortunately, suspicion arose around the fact that his hands looked surprisingly young.  Later during the flight, he was seen going to the bathroom and emerging as an Asian male in his early 20s.   Border Services agents took him into custody when the plane landed in Vancouver. It is unknown what his motivations were but he definitely took the creative approach to illegal immigration.


(Thanks, Rich!)

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  • this si crazy why would someone do that

  • SumYungGuy

    I don’t even understand why this is news? Who cares? Let him.

  • yungsumguy

    And born in 1955 and looks like he’s 170 years old with the mask….come on. that’s hilariosus

  • anonymous

    god bless Canada for let him stay
    if he was any Portuguese or Spanish immigrant who wears this mask and enter the country
    Canada border on the next airplane deport him back to Europe or south America
    as he is Chinese and like many other Chinese student prostitutes who enter in Canada using false students
    Canadian border force never deport them yet
    let them stay to raise a live