Fobby Must-Haves: Yakult, the yummiest bacteria drink

I recently found that my local grocery store sells Yakult. . . yay!  Not only that, but come 2012, Yakult is going to build its very first US factory in Southern California.  I LOVE Yakult and have been drinking these tiny bottles of goodness since I was a kid back in Singapore.  Unfortunately, they only sell the original flavor here — I used to love the multi-flavor packs when I was little.

Yakult’s big selling point is that it’s supposed to be good for digestion.  It’s packed with the friendly probiotic bacteria, Lactobacillus casei Shirota, a special strain of live bacteria that a Japanese scientist, Minoru Shirota, discovered back in 1930.

I’ve noticed that Yakult has been airing a cute commercial on TV here recently.  It looks like this delicious fobby health drink is making its way into mainstream America. Holla!


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