Rachael Ray uses angel hair pasta to make pho?!

I normally drool all over the TV when I watch Rachael Ray cook, but when I came across her recipe for pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup), which substituted pho noodles with angel hair pasta for what she calls her “Phunky BBQ Pho” recipe, I was mortified! First of all, I’ve never heard of BBQ pho, and second of all, angel hair pasta should only be used for…well, pasta.  While I appreciate culturally diverse cooking, if you’re going to be diverse, cook pho with the right noodles! Now, how would she like it if I made spaghetti out of vermicelli?  Check out (if you dare) how Rachael Ray makes her version of pho here.

(Thanks, Tram!)

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  • Sunny

    it’s like how they fill wontons with carrots….

  • James

    While she was demonstrating how to cook that on the show, somehow she was able to buy the sriracha and hoisin sauce, but not the right rice noodles for pho?