My fobby flashback: Congee

So me and Emily are both home sick today with fevers.  Boo.  The weather in SF has been totally erratic, going from super cold last week to super hot this week.  And so it was time to make the ultimate comfort food for when you’re sick: Congee!

At home, we call it jook, the Cantonese word for rice porridge.  Made of boiled rice, congee has long been a favorite comfort food in many Asian cuisines because of its simple taste and stomach calming abilities.  Growing up, I especially loved it when I wasn’t feeling well.

Of course, really good congee is much more than just soupy boiled rice.  It’s all about the extras, such as salted egg, century egg, ginger, fish, pork blood (it’s actually quite good!), minced beef, the list goes on. . .

So next time you’re sick, do yourself a favor and make yourself a comforting bowl of congee. . . yum!

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  • K Chi

    I always eat my congee with chunks of softened sweet potato. Yum. 🙂 It’s also fun to make inside a clay pot or sand pot, if you have one at home.

  • I hear you. I’m not that fobby, but I’m a TOTAL jook fan (and a jook sing…hahaha). I haven’t had it with porks blood yet. I’ll have to try it.

  • Suzanne Leung

    @K Chi – I’ve always wanted to try it with sweet potato. I’m going to make that!