Fobby hottie of the month: Charice Pempengco

We received some some pretty angry comments on our last Charice post, which was about her getting botox. The truth of the matter is, we love her over here. I mean, Charice Pempengco, 18, seems to be the only fob artist to actually crack the American entertainment industry — she’s the first one to make it to the top 10 of the billboard charts. Utada Hikaru, Boa and Coco Lee each tried their luck over here, but sadly didn’t amount to much.

I’ve been a big supporter of Charice ever since I spotted her YouTube videos a few years ago. From singing on stage with Celine Dion to being trained by David Foster (now her godfather), she sure has come a long way in her career. However, her early life wasn’t very smooth sailing. Her father was abusive and, at one point, Charice saw him aim a shotgun at her mom. Charice participated in singing competitions just to make enough to eat. Having gone through so much adversity at too young of an age, she certainly deserves her success.

Speaking of Charice, I’m uber excited for her upcoming role in Glee as the Filipina exchange student, Sunshine Corazon!

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  • Zee

    so you do know that she got the MEDICAL procedure NOT the cosmetic for her jaw problem. We love Charice and love for who she is. I never felt like this so strongly for any artist before.
    I’ll be watching Glee for the first time now.

  • ming

    Thanks for this article and assurance that Charice is still being loved for who she is and what she has become. She is an inspiration to many, young and old celebrities and ordinary people alike. She is an icon of the new generation.

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  • N

    I love Charice for who she is now (an amazing talented young girl), but scared of what she might become because of how ridiculous and ruthless the entertainment business (and especially Hollywood) can be. What I’m hoping is that she’ll never have to use botox for Cosmetics ever, or go on an unhealthy diet because she doesn’t fit in the stereo-type notion of what beauty is.

    She is beautiful as any 18/19 years old can be and hope her advisors/management don’t try to change her through unnatural methods. (I think most the original anger was towards her management rather than her anyway).