Top Chef sends finalists on foodie pilgrimage to Singapore

While I’m super excited to learn that the “Top Chef DC” finale will be filmed in Singapore, I am also not the slightest bit surprised.  When it comes to food, Singapore is a utopia.  To me, it only makes sense to have a “Top Chef” finale in Singapore.

Food gurus like Anthony Bourdain, Samantha Brown, and Andrew Zimmern have already made their homages to this country.  Bourdain even picked Singapore as his “13 Places to Eat Before You Die” for Men’s Health magazine in 2009.

What makes Singapore food so amazing? Well, the ethnic diversity lends itself to ethnically diverse foods. Ranging from Indian Fish Head Curry,  to Malaysian Satay,  Chinese Dim Sum, to the famous Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice (I can go on for another page), you will never get bored of the food selection in Singapore. I admit, growing up in Singapore has made me a food snob because Asian food anywhere else has never been the slightest bit comparable. So if you’re curious what all this hype is about, be sure to catch the finale of “Top Chef DC”!


(Thanks, Eric!)

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