‘Lucky Drops’ house is not for obese people

When I was growing up, my mom bought all these books about how good interior design could make your tiny home look freakin’ awesome — and not like you’re living in a matchbox. I definitely think I get my fascination for mini architecture from her.  I know I’ve already written about Hong Kong’s 100 square foot apartments and transforming condos, but you gotta see this one.

Below is “Lucky Drops,” a super skinny, cathedral-like home in Japan built on a sliver of land just 40 feet wide.  The exterior wall of the house is made of a metal alloy “skin” just millimeters thick. Japanese architects have really pushed the creative boundaries for small spaces.

“‘Lucky Drops’ was built on an extremely long and narrow space. So light could enter only from the ceiling,” architect Yasuhiro Yamashita says. “All the light comes in from the top. So the whole house becomes like a Japanese paper lantern.”

I think it’s surprisingly beautiful!


(Thanks Hubie!)

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