Cheap iPad imitation to go for $35 in India



From the country of “cheap innovations” (see $2000 open-heart surgery and the $2500 compact Nano car), India has unveiled the prototype of an unbelievably affordable version of the iPad, which the Indian government plans to start producing next year. They are pricing it at $35 but hope to lower the price to $20 for students, and maybe even as low as $10. You can power the cheapo touchscreen tablet with solar energy, surf the web, use word processing and even chat via webcam.

Put me on the waiting list now please!

(Thanks, DTP!)


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  • gerry bultstra

    I’m interested in your i-pad,can you let menow when i can buy’t?
    all regards

  • supremo

    hello, can you tell me of ways to purchase it?

  • faris

    If they are legal in the United States I have a client that might buy a few thousand of them, if that could get here in a few weeks and the price is right.

  • Estee Andrews

    Where can I purchase one of these?

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