Cooking with dog improves culinary skills

Cooking with DogIt’s not what you think it is.  Yes, I’m Vietnamese and yes, we do have a reputation of turning dogs into culinary delights, but my love for dogs surpasses my curiosity for trying “exotic” foods.

Instead, I’ve been obsessed with a YouTube channel literally called “Cooking with Dog.” It’s a fantastic Japanese cooking show on YouTube that shows you how to make your favorite Japanese dishes ranging from Nabeyaki Udon to Katsudon.   And of course, no cooking show would be complete without a narrating poodle.

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  • Emily

    How can I compete?

  • Pardon mon Japonaise, but HOLY S$%T!!! Amy, you made my week! You have no idea how long I’ve been searching for that hamburg recipe and the Japanese spaghetti. People think Japanese food is only sushi and tempura, but there’s so much more.

    Thank you!!!

  • Amy

    It’s great isn’t it??? They make it look so easy too!

  • Suzanne Leung

    I love how the dog has a Japanese faux French accent, hahaha…

  • Liezel

    I came across one of their videos too when I wanted to try making chawamushi.. It’s really great.. 🙂