Jay Chou to star in “The Green Hornet”

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Jay Chou, Asia’s superstar, will be hitting American theaters next year! The Taiwanese soul singer will be starring alongside Cameron Diaz and Seth Rogen in a superhero action film called “The Green Hornet.” Chou will be acting the part of Kato, the Green Hornet’s sidekick who is a martial arts expert. The singer will hav a lot to live up to, because the Kato role was formerly played by the legendary Bruce Lee.

I think I fell in love with Jay Chou when I first heard one of his hit songs, Ke Ai Nu Ren. FYI, the talented musician can even compose, act and produce!

Check out the movie trailer below.

(Thanks, Lu!)

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  • From the trailer, it looks like Jay Chou is struggling with the language. Couldn’t they get an Asian American actor to play Kato? It’s not like there’s a dearth of AA talent who would have loved to play the part!

  • Suzanne Leung

    Yeah, I gotta agree with you, bigWOWO. I like his music, but it’s a bit painful to see him try to speak English…

  • Rosalind

    Actually I think Jay’s accent adds to the movie. Isnt’ Kato supposed to be Japanese? An asian american with perfect English wouldn’t have been realistic. I was actually impressed with the few lines Jay had in the trailer, it sounded quite natural. And it felt like Jay could express his cool personality through it. Hopefully he is like that in the rest of the movie! Really looking forward to seeing it! Jay in 3D!!

  • Bill

    The Black Beauty with machine guns and missiles? Seth Rogen is going to destroy the Green Hornet just so he can have some juvenile joyride. Next, he’ll think he’s the Lone Ranger.

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  • Thanks, Suzanne! I blogged about it just now. Thanks, Absolutely Fobulous, for the lead!



    They can always change that part of the story. Why not make him an Asian American who happens to know martial arts (like BJ Penn or Lyoto Machida)? Or make him a multinational like our fabulous bloggers at Absolutely Fobulous? Give our Asian American brothers a chance! 🙂

  • Karen

    I hate to say it in such harsh words, but that is some ridiculous BULLSHIT.
    Jay Chou’s acting is terrible and besides in the original Green Hornet Kato was played by Bruce Lee.
    BRUCE EFFIN’ LEE! Replacing Bruce Lee with Jay Chou is like an infinite bitch slap to asian culture -___-
    It’s just sad.