Little Asian kids addicted to nicotine


kid smoking

There seems a horrific trend showing up in Asia: little kids puffing cigs like jaded smokers when they should be sucking on milk bottles. Remember the video of the cute four-year-old Dong Dong, a resident of the Anhui province in China, who lit his own cigarettes like a pro and guzzled alcohol?

The latest development in this disturbing trend is an Indonesian toddler who was spotted smoking a cigarette in a video that recently went viral. Seeing two-year-old Ardi Riza handle a cigarette with such ease is wrong on too many levels to count. The boy had apparently first tried smoking when he was only 18 months old and is now addicted to puffing two packs a day. The father says that the child has some weight problems due to his unhealthy habit, but the dad still insists that the boy is “healthy.” The parents are being investigated for child abuse right now. It seems like a pretty clear-cut case to me.

Can someone please tell me what is going on? This needs to be stopped NOW.


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