Bra-undoing competition held by Guangzhou mall

Lechers rejoice! If you’ve got expert bra unsnapping skillz, then you should have participated in a competition held by a mall in Guangzhou, China. The promotional event offered a shopping voucher to anyone who could undo the bras of eight masked girls under a minute. The women were wearing nothing more than bras and teeny shorts. But, don’t get offended by the event… the organizers actually had philanthropic intentions!

The mall’s spokesperson says:

“The workings of a woman’s bra are a mystery for man men — this activity helped more people understand bra culture and explore its secrets.”

Despite the attempts of many perverts, a woman actually won the competition. Um, I’m not sure whether it’s appropriate to cheer “Girl Power!” in this case.

Bra Chinese Girls


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  • Tim

    Amateurs. Getting beat by a girl.

  • Aaliya Bhatt

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