Are you skinny enough for Asia?

Despite all the attention that svelte celebs like Jennifer Lopez get, having junk in your trunk isn’t exactly looked highly upon in Asia. The “magic number” a woman is expected to weigh is 100 lbs, according to Hong Kong-based psychologist Philippa Yu.

I’ve always felt that the pressure to be thin is much worse in Asia than in the US, likely because of the different cultural standards of beauty. Asian women are expected to be thinner and prefer non-muscular bodies–worlds apart from American women, who work out to achieve that toned and sculpted body. In fact, the pressure to be thin is so strong that it can lead to unhealthy dieting fads. For example, in Hong Kong the latest diet craze involved ingesting parasites. The Hong Kong Health Department even released a public announcement last month, warning people about the dangers of swallowing the parasites.

And here I am writing this while recovering from food coma brought on by an intense hotpot session!

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(Thanks, Susie!)

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  • last time when i was home, i saw an ad in the mtr (subway) about weight loss, it says if you’re 5’9 you should weight 108lbs!!

  • Bunni

    Uh, NO and NO. I did notice that the USA Today article did NOT mention the other Asian countries, like the Philippines or Indonesia. Hmmm, I’m guessing this “100lbs is ideal” crap is concentrated in East Asian countries?

    I guess East Asian dudes aren’t into boobs, huh?