It’s true, sumo wrestlers score hot girls

You know what Japanese phenomenon has always puzzled me? Sumo wrestlers.  They tend to have extremely hot women. Case in point:

Koto’oshu’s fiance Asako Ando

Chiyotaikai’s model ex-girlfriend Kawamura Hikaru

Hakuho’s wife Sayuko

Yokozuna Asashoryu’s ex-wife Tamir

Takanohana Koji’s TV announcer wife Keiko Kono

Do they dig their man’s athletic prowess? Are they envious of their man’s ability to eat as much as they want? In Japan, sumo wrestling receives a lot of respect and is an avidly watched sport. Perhaps these women seek the prestige that comes with being a sumo wrestler’s wife. Or maybe I’m being too cynical here and it’s actually true love.

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  • What I wonder about is how these tiny women don’t get crushed. Even I’d be afraid to be in the same bed as someone who weighs 400 lbs.

    Jocks, even when they happen to be large jocks, often get the girl.

    “Or maybe I’m being too cynical here and it’s actually true love.”

    I don’t know if true love exists when you’re a celebrity. The moral of the story? Get married before you get famous. 🙂

  • Emily Co

    @bigWOWO good point! Or maybe it’s the more fat=more to love theory that’s at work here.

  • Michinobu

    Obviously, these tiny women have to do it on the TOP where gravity works in their favor. :D.

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