Check into an hourly hotel for some “luxurious enjoyment”

hourly hotel hong kong.

Walking around Hong Kong, I spotted quite a few of these “hourly hotels.”  You can probably guess what “luxurious enjoyment” is a euphemism for.

Still, my friend also told me that because it’s common in Asia for young people to live with their parents until they get married, hourly hotels are also popular among couples who still live with their folks but need a place to get it on.

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  • Josiah

    they’re everywhere, e.g. in Kowloon Tong, there’s an area with the ‘high end’ hourly hotels

  • Hourly hotels are for resting your feet in a “luxurious” jacuzzi for an hour when you get tired of shopping or walking around, right? I imagine that it would be better than going all the way home to rest. It’s also great that people can rest their feet as a couple after shopping together.