NY Times’ cool photo montage of Singapore’s fashionista street

OK, so I admit I may be the only one who thinks things like this are awesome, but I am going back to Singapore in nine days, so humor me.  The NY Times’ Travel section just ran a wonderful photo montage of Singapore’s Haji Lane, a little-known street that has apparently become a hub for independent fashion boutiques.

Personally, I think the stores on Haji Lane are way overpriced and maybe a little overrated.  The NY Times makes the street kind of look like a Singaporean version of Manhattan’s SoHo district, when really it’s more like an old, hidden alleyway with a few quiet little boutiques.  When I visited Haji Lane, I actually wondered how these stores stayed afloat since customers were so sparse—the typical Singaporean simply can’t afford to buy their overpriced clothing.

But I do love the photos!


See the full gallery here!

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  • Safe travels and an Absolutely Fobulous holiday season to you and Emily both!

  • Emily Co

    @ Gil – Thanks!! Happy Xmas and New Years to you and Erin! =) I will be blogging about my Nihon adventures!

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