Knee bench for peeing men

Have you ever accidentally sat on a toilet seat only to realize that it’s wet with drops of pee that your annoying male friend splattered  all over? The Japanese have yet again found a solution to one of life’s biggest irritants! A company called Kaiteki Raifu Kenkyusho recently invented the Angels Knee Pillow or Tenshi no Hizamakura. To use it, one simply places these pillows on the floor next to the toilet bowls or urinal and kneels on them. The purpose of these knee pads is to shorten the distance between the pee-er and the toilet, thus reducing the number of droplets on the toilet seat and the area outside of it.

Apparently, this invention was spurred by a 2007 Panasonic survey which noted an average of 85 to 311 droplets per urination.


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  • Knowing guys, we will still pee on the seat. One should be thankful if we even lift up the seat first.