Girly men in Japan

handbag herbivore japanese menNPR recently covered the topic of ‘herbivore’ men in Japan or men who are not afraid of their feminine side. Anyone who has ever visited Japan may be bewildered by the finely plucked eyebrows and the huge designer handbags that the men carry around. I think the Japanese men were metrosexual even before the term was born.

Apparently, NPR says they can present certain problems for Japan:

But there are fears about the financial and social impact of herbivores. Their low levels of spending and lack of interest in sex invoke two of Japan’s biggest problems: its lackluster economy and declining birthrate. Herbivores like to be friends with women — but for many, that’s as far as it goes.

In the streets of Harajuku, Alex Fujita explains why he is not interested in taking it any further.

“Nowadays, women have more education and enjoy working. Women are scary now,” he says.

Read more, here!

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  • lol this is pretty crazy, just another step towards equality right? But, this IS Japan we’re talking about here…

  • Stan

    I think its great. Men are so dominated by women in modern society. The only way for them to be free is to let go of seeking women’s favor. That way they can set the premise for achieving true equality.

  • Josiah

    girls over there actually like feminine men, i remember reading an article about it a while back

    i always use them as a reason to show anyone who says i’m too metrosexual 😛 (‘look at them, they’re 100x worse than me’)

  • chuck chan

    i can bring the more manly men back to japan.. and help significantly with their birthrate problem =P

  • I lol’d. Thank you for the article!

  • Suzanne Leung

    Oh mannn. This is hilarious… I just listened to the NPR story. I feel bad for the girls in Japan!

  • Danny

    lol for shizzles Chuckles. Bringing sex(y) back.

  • Rocky

    I suppose we could export some sex starved guys from Man Jose to pick up the slack.