China’s ‘American Idol’ show takes a nasty, racist turn

Lou JingLou Jing, 20, who made it on China’s American Idol-type show, now says she’s rather die than go back on the competition.  Who can blame her after the venomous uproar she received from netizens about her skin color: online commenters called her skin color “gross” and “ugly,” saying she was shameless for appearing on TV.  Lou Jing is of mixed race–her mother is Chinese and her father, though she’s never met him, is African-American.  Still, the worst insults aimed at her mother–for having a child with an African-American out of wedlock.

Born and raised in China, Lou Jing has always seen herself as Shanghainese.  “But after the competition,” she said, “I started to have doubts about who I really am.”  While she wasn’t bothered by her nicknames “Black Pearl” and “Chocolate Angel” on the show, she admits, “It was only after entering the competition that I realized I was different from others.”

Watch this clip from Go! Oriental Angel, the TV competition, below (sorry, no subtitles)…

First of all, this whole thing is sad and ridiculous.  But what makes it even more outrageous is that she’s totally gorgeous!  Geez.

Read the full story on NPR here. (Thanks Joshua!)

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  • Maggie LaBoy-Chu

    Lou Jing is beautiful! she is better looking than your typical Chinese person or GIRLS. My husband is mixed. believe you me. Chinese people have more African American features that any other race. their nose is wide. im of Latin origin and at least the bridge on my nose is natural. Chinese people have no bridge. they have big African looking lips and huge noststrils . So they should shut the f up and realize they are discriminated against also. How you like them Apples?????

  • Amy

    She is no doubt pretty but it is inevitable that every culture/race has their own definition of what “beauty” is. I think it’s important to be sensitive to that. You say, “Chinese people have no bridge. they have big African looking lips and huge nostrils.” Are you saying African American features are undesirable?

  • G

    BE WHO YOU ARE!! and don’t worry about what other people think. You are beautiful too!! Their just jeolous! :o)

  • alexandrer the great

    @ Maggie LaBoy-Chu
    very offensive comment, not only to blacks but also chinese, may be you should get out more.

    not all blacks and chinese people have the monkey face, huge nostrils, huge libs, get it together girl
    get out of that small town, where you are from,
    see the WORLD!

    as for that girl, she is so beautiful, its so sad, she should know who her father is,
    even though her skin is dark, she is 100% chinese!! that is all she knows!

  • alexandrer the great is a cock

    @alexandrer the great
    you’re the one who mentioned “monkey face” you ignorant c*unt!
    I’m going to marry lou jing when i find her

  • rat0001

    She looks ok, but she doesnt sing well.

  • FNista2010

    Yeah you’re right about the singing 🙁 BUT, She has a really unique look. She should really be a supermodel. If I had the power I’d sign her on the spot! 🙂