Chinese artificial hymen will re-virginize you for $30

Now you too can get a made-in-Japan piece of hymen for $29.90 at Gigimo, a Chinese sex toy company. It comes in a little plastic packet, and it apparently spurts realistic blood. There has been a big outrage over the product in Egypt, a predominantly Muslim country where pre-marital relations can get you slayed in an honor killing. Some prominent religious figures are demanding the government intervene and prevent the import of this product.

Get yours here, if you must.


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  • Peng

    mind telling us how you got the lead to this product? =P

  • Emily Co

    legit ways lah. it was an article from

  • And I was thinking just like everybody else, “Aww, these girls from Fobilicious are so adorable and sweet.”

    THEN… I come to your blog and find synthetic bloody hymens!!

    Yeesh, a little warning on the photo please!

    Nice site BTW.

  • Emily Co

    Thanks! Hahahahaha, we still are!! =P don’t be fooled by the fake bloody hymens

  • I came across another website – which sells artificial hymen online

  • Naz

    How Can I Buy It.? It Is Really Important Please Help

  • Hi Naz,

    If you still an artificial hymen, you can just purchase it off of our website. And Gigimo has stopped selling artificial hymens because of all the attention it received during the media blitz about artificial hymens.

  • This is An Official Website if Artificial Hymen Pills in Pakistan
    Artificial Hymen Pills in Pakistan

  • I came across another website – which sells artificial hymen online