Tiny Asian women with monstrous appetites

Juliet Lee Competitive EatingMaybe this will be what finally kills the stereotype of us Asian women as demure, fragile, or subservient–because if you’ve seen us dominate at the dinner table, you know we put even guys like Man vs. Food’s Adam Richmond to shame.

Take for example, Juliet Lee (left), a 5-foot 100 pound woman who ranks #11 in the world of competitive eating.  Lee began her eating career at a local pizza-eating contest where she gobbled 11 slices in 10 minutes.  She won, obviously.  “In eating competitions, Lee has eaten 34 hot dogs, 48 tamales, 22 pork barbecue sandwiches and nearly five dozen Krystal hamburgers. All within minutes,” writes the Washington Post.

Or, take Sonya “Black Widow” Thomas,  another 100-pound Asian woman who ranks #6 in the world and can down 11 pounds of cheesecake in 9 minutes, 41 hotdogs in 10 minutes,  and 48 chicken tacos in 11 minutes.  Why the name “Black Widow”?  Sonya explains:

Because like the female black widow spider, it is my desire to eliminate the males.  In competitive eating, I want to eat more or faster than the men.  I want to make boys out of them.

Yes, she may be tiny but will destroy you.

(8Asians via Washington Post)

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  • Shinbo

    Forgot Amy

  • Suzanne Leung

    Seriously. I told her this post was dedicated to her.

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  • Vanessa

    haha and how did she manage to do this while maintaining a flat stomach??

  • Very nice site!

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  • hhh

    Erm, it’s possible she’s bulimic…? I mean, you’re not going to become obese by overeating occasionally, not even at those quantities- it’s only if you make it a daily habit. But flaunting her size and yet having the ability to eat massive quantities of food like that is a trait of someone who binges and purges…