Baby born on AirAsia plane gets free flights for life

AirAsia free lifetime flights mom birth babyLadies, I suggest you coordinate your birth delivery with your travel plans. Earlier this week, Liew Siaw Hsia, 31, gave birth on the Malaysian budget airline, AirAsia, while traveling from Kuching from Penang . The company decided to present both the mother and baby with free lifetime flights as this was the first kid born on one of their planes. AirAsia flights are not just limited to the Asia region, but flies to London and Abu Dabi too! This kid’s gonna be a high-flying superstar!

(Thanks, DTP!)


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  • Suzanne Leung

    Crazy. I thought pregnant women weren’t supposed to fly in their 3rd trimester? Like, the air pressure messes things up? Maybe that’s why she gave birth mid-flight??