Meet Singapore’s Rick Warren: Pastor Joseph Prince


Formerly an IT consultant, Pastor Joseph Prince (originally named Xenonamandar Jegahusiee Singh) made a complete career change and founded the New Creation Church in Singapore. Today, the church has around 19,000 members, but his ministry doesn’t end in Singapore.  His sermons are now broadcasted weekly to millions of
households across America, Canada, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and South Africa.   In fact, I was flipping through some late-night television on my couch in Seattle, when I came across a broadcast of his sermon. Of course, the distinct Singaporean accent was what initially caught my attention.

Known for his personal and humorous style of preaching, his popularity has soared in the past few years. His recent book, Destined to Reign: The Secret to Effortless Success, Wholeness and Victorious Living was listed on Christian Retailing Top 100 Books. Making a generous SGD$500,000 (approximately US$360,000) a year, Pastor Joseph Prince just proves that making preaching a professional career may not be such a bad idea.

Check out one of his sermons here!

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  • Dear Pastor Prince
    While you were at the Dome in SA on 23 October, you nurtured my soul with your effortless insight into the Word of God, unlike your partner, Joel Osteen, who, until I saw him in flesh in Johannesburg and immediately lost that ‘awe’ for him upon contact. He, Joel Osteen is like Ray Mcauley, my coutry man, both of them are commercial chariots, but you seem to have indepth knowledge of scriptural issues. I believe though that SIN must be condemed, we cannot pat rapists, child molesters on the back for their ugly deeds. I also did not hear you mention baptism for the remission of sins and I am totally opposed to instrumental music during sermon, it turns the whole occassion into a circus. Keep on keeping preaching and please come back to me about the issues I have raised. In Christ’s name.


    i was so touched by the short ministry i watched on tv

  • Margie Docken

    I have been listening to your broadcast for quite a few years but have not really paid attention to your sermons until you began preaching on the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. When I got saved close to 38 years ago, I was also was baptised in the spirit at the same time. I didn’t pray in tongues and did not know that much about praying in the spirit. As the years went by I would occasionally pray in an uknown tongue alone in my home. About five years ago I attended a Joyce Meyer Conference and after the conference on my flight back home (Omaha, NE at that time) I began to pray silently to my self and as I prayed one of the words came out as Israel pronounced in the spanish language not english. I was thrilled that my Lord was using me to pray for his beloved Israel. After that I knew that God wanted me to pray this way more often. I have been listening to you preach the last few sermons on praying in tongues. I don’t know anyone that this is happening to and my spirit was thirilled that when I heard your sermons that praying in this heavenly language is so much more and that our Lord wants us to do this often. There was so much in your sermons that spoke to my spirit about this I was thrilled to know there are other people that are doing this. Please pray for me so that His will, will be done in my life and that I will grow more in my faith. Again these sermons have so inspired me and thank you that you have been obedient to preach in this way. It was so refreshing.

  • ninette lancret bravo

    my heart has been totally open to JESUS listening to your words of wisdom and receiving my salvation by grace. It’s the greatest miracle in my life. explaining the law versus grace is the gate to open the heart to our Lord. Praise be His Holy Name.

  • South Africa

    In my short Christian walk so far, i have read many christian books and listen to lots of sermons – both African and Non-African. Many of the lessons touched me and inspired goods “works” in my life. The more i read these books, i realised how “imperfect” i was and some teachings would really confuse me – beacuse one moment i learn about the goodness of the Lord and the thing BANG I do not match up to the conditions to receive. It was almost pointless to read these books because i knew on my own, i was imperfect. Honestly, i tried very hard to live by the law – did not and still dont – smoke, no “drinking”, sex outside marriage, do tithe faithfully, ……! but i was still condemned and poor. suffered low-self esteem, had a bad conscience, believed God was out there watching the wrongs i was doing.

    I dont blame anyone for this (including my pastors) bcz thats what they were exposed to as well. BUT the turning point of my life came around Aug 2010 when I was watching Pastor Prince preaching on forgiveness. I was amazed by the depth and breadth of the Gospel he shared. I decided to get one of his books (D T R) and DVD to learn about GRACE. Since then, i am not only well but i feel good about my position in the Lord. Sure, i am still learning and continue to do so, but i am free man. i read the Bible which speaks about Jesus and what he has done for me – Genesis to Revelation. Now i can truly ddiscern when someone in preaching law and someoen who preaches Grace – the true good news. I thank God for Pst Prince for being bold enough to share this good news unashamedly. May the Lord continue to raise you and bless your family and ministry.

    i am going to get me more dvds until i am totally consumed!!

    South Africa

  • Bobbi Callock

    I always enjoy listening to Pastor Prince teach the word of God, and I believe he is truly anointed. His teaching has been a blessing in my life. Perhaps Ms Nguyen should invest some of her time, and listen to Pastor Prince as he teaches us more about Jesus. It will be worth it I promise!

  • Dear Pastor Joseph prince.
    Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    With great joy I would like to talk. I visit your sit you are good person and blessed person. I am Bishop TU FAIL M BAZMI. I do work in Pakistan lost 18 years by the grace of God. Pl z pray for me and my family and congregation. pl z reply soon.
    your brother in Christ.
    Bishop Tufail M BAZMI

  • Attie Evans

    Thanks to God for His servant Joseph Prince. Me and wife were blessed immensely by His teaching and ministry over the last 2 years. Wonderful to see and hear the Lord Jesus unveiled snd preached. We are deeply thankful to him and the church in Singapore.

  • Johnson Awuah

    We always thank God for your life Pastor Joseph Prince,we love you and we want you to know that we in Africa,especially Ghanaians, a country in Africa called Ghana,is deeply in love with you and your ministry and your ministry is blessing us with the Gospel Of Grace and i always share something from your messages to all the people i know here,God bless you so so much and increase you and please come to Ghana,west africa,one of these days to bless us with God’s Word.

  • Pastor Sky

    Dear Pastor
    Can you kindly provide me your e-mail. please!please!please!!!!!!!!!!!

    All the way from Africa-Namibia

  • Mary Magoo

    Dear Xenonamandar Jegahusiee Singh, aka Joseph Prince,

    I have seen you preach on TV and you totally changed my life. Your hair is so perfect, I know it was designed and styled by the lord god himself. No one on earth has the annointed power to make every single strang of hair so perfectly placed, yet so touseled looking. Like your wife or mistress just mussed it up raking their fingers through it. Or maybe you just leaped onto stage after riding your motorcycle to the temple. I have been seeking the perfect hair style for so long. And now that I have seen the perfection of your coif, I know that it is possible, that through the grace of god, I too can someday have such stylish perfection. I have been praying to god daily for such blessings. Your example has shown me that it is possible, and now I have hope for the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have sent my blessings donation in form of a check for
    $500. Do you think this will be enough for my hair blessings to come to pass. I will keep the faith.

  • Lilian

    I have heard your sermons and it disturbs me alot to what you are preaching especially with the youth and the younger people. They literally take you word for word and believe that once they have accepted Christ in their lives they are no longer sinners and even though they continuosly sin after accepting the Lord, they are saved as Jesus died for their sins (Praise the Lord for the salvation given to all of us) and do not have to worry or even feel any conviction by the Holy Spirit of their sin (current) and no need for repentence anymore as they have repented and are forgiven once and for all .

    Please pray about this and help the younger ones with clarity to the above with the Holy Spirit’s leading .


    Thank you


  • Bongs

    Dear Pastor Joseph Prince. I thank God for saving you and sharing the message of grace with boldness and enthusiasm. Ever since I saw your on tv, I’ve been getting your dvd’s and books for further study on your breath-taking and life-changing messages. All my life I have been confused by mixed statements and sermons that preachers preach and teach. One says this and the other says that – no one seemed to have a clear picture of the heart of God about the Gospel. I have been enriched with grace-filled messages and I now read the Bible in the new light.

    In Romans 12:1-3 we are told that now that we are born-again, we ought not to conform to the ways and norms of this world and to present our bodies as living sacrifices. And I like what Paul says – he says “In view of God’s mercy” In other words, we ought to be living sacrifices not because we are scared that if we don’t God will judge us, but because we recognize God’s grace and mercy towards us and therefore we are willing to offer ourselves as living sacrifices. We serve God because we love Him and because He loves us; Perfect love casts out fear.

    The Bible says to build upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets – therefore it is vital to look at what gospel they preached. It is very touching that apostle Paul preached the Gospel of Grace as Pastor Joseph Prince is doing.

    “And now I am bound by the Spirit to go to Jerusalem. I don’t know what awaits me, 23 except that the Holy Spirit tells me in city after city that jail and suffering lie ahead. 24 But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God. Acts 20:22-24”

  • Diane Boyle

    Thank you for preaching the Gospel and pointing to Jesus alone. I have been saved for over 15 years now, however the Lord has returned me to my first love, Jesus. He has used your teachings to encourage me, love on me and set my mind free from the law. Be blessed and thank you!

  • teresa robertson

    i have just started listening to joseph prince in the last few months and this is what i see…..he knows Jesus loves him personally and he knows the Bible and he wants me to know that Jesus loves ME, especially ME and i think about Jesus loving ME all day long. Yes, Jesus loves everyone but I am the person Jesus loves
    i have many things to improve in my life and knowing Jesus is with me every single minute has been a blessing i cannot even explain joseph is a blessing and he preaches the truth and it will set you free

  • cookie

    Greetings to my pastor Prince,your teachings have showed me how much god loves me,and who i am in christ.I am living with a non believering husband ,your teachings on grace,has changed my life.I have learnt to love my husbandand during my challenging days i look to what jesus has done for me at the cross.I am the disciple Jesus Loves.I have read your books,truly you are a man of God.i have not heard preaching so profound.Please pray my husband and children are saved.God Bless.South Africa.

  • Anthony Zoe Charles

    Thank you Pastor Prince for allowing the holy spirit to use to touch the lives of millions all over the world , may the grace of God continually increase upon your life

  • Mal

    Thank you Pastor Prince for your fresh revelation and the courage to preach the Good News…Grace…Blessings from the Pacific Island of Samoa



  • thomson

    just wanted to say that i have brought 3 of your books,i am half way through my first “spirtual warfare”,i am so loving it,it has been a great help to me,liberating,i really am looking forwards to the other two books,i just know i,m in for a feast.My life has actually become much more simple much more calmer as a result of what i have found in your books(been a christian 27 yrs!).I have come to realise that the gospel IS that GOOD,that HE is that GOOD.I feel deep within the depths of me freedom,free to live and share this gospel of grace,its that good you want to share!.

  • minnie presley

    peace, virtue pureness, chastity unto Christ Jesus The King, who will keep his ministers , by his anointing. I thank The Lord.

  • minnie presley

    Let every man work out his own salvation,

  • Vijay

    this is an admiration for haristyle ?…:) oh my god……what sorts of problems people have to pray for god when entire world is grieved with unemployment, malnutrition, destitute living…….god will not differntiate you but prioritise the needs of people for a gracious world

  • iza

    No. Only Jesus is capable to give us salvation. Can you?

  • iza

    Amen! Same with my life. Whooh!God is so good!