Japanese facial product transforms you into a heartthrob

Apparently using this face product will turn you into a stud. Check out this commercial by Gatsby, a Japanese brand of skin and hair products for men. The hot guy in the clip is Takuya Kimura, one of the top entertainers in Japan whose claim to fame is from being part of a boyband called SMAP, a band started in 1988. For some reason, boybands don’t really lose their appeal in Japan. SMAP is still as popular, or even more popular, than when they started out. Now if this product turns me into Jessica Alba, I’m going to go buy a huge box of it.


Japan Probe

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  • Josiah Lau

    i use to watch SMAPxSMAP, not sure if it’s still on but it’s an entertaining show hosted by them, they even had their own iron chef competition!!

    i’ve been using gatsby product for years, started off with their hair product and now i even carry their facial oil absorber around 🙂

  • emilyco

    and did you turn into Takuya Kimura?

  • SMAPxSMAP is still going strong, too bad I can’t understand a lot of what they are saying though, care to translate Emily ^_~

  • wow

  • emilyco

    sure danny! anytime hahaha.

  • Josiah Lau

    haha no, i don’t want to be Kimura Takuya, never liked him cos his singing/acting aren’t that good, plus he married my high school idol Kudo Shizuka 😛

  • Josiah Lau

    i think i may have some smapxsmap with eng sub, if i can dig them up, i’ll let you know