Airplane food upgrades to include banh mi

The hip airline company, Virgin America, has recently upgraded their in-flight menu to include Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches!  I have never been a fan of airplane food, but banh mi seems to be quite a convenient and yummy alternative to your conventional in-flight cuisine.  While Ipork_sandwich290.20090926012834.20091001204656 haven’t had the chance to try Virgin’s banh mi, I’ve been told that it actually costs around US$10 for one.  I think I’ll do my wallet a favor and hit up my local Vietnamese deli before I travel next time.

Thanks Danny for the link!

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  • Josiah Lau

    Cathay Pacific has cup noodles (HK version) whenever you want during the flight

  • ameiam

    They actually have cup noodles on a lot of airlines. United has it too =)

  • Virgin needs to expand and buy out Airtran! Ughh… Airtran