Sexy aging miracle Hoshino Aki, 32, looks 21

I’m hitting the 25 milestone in 10 days, and am starting to feel a bit of a quarter-life crisis. All these thoughts of whether I’ve really made good use out of my 25 years of life keep popping up in my mind. But heck, if I age as well as Hoshino Aki, a Japanese gravure idol (something like a midway point between the censored stuff and a bikini model,) I’ll be able to pretend that I’m forever 21. As Amy said earlier, we want to keep things PG, so it took a lot of searching before I found a decent picture of Aki.

Also, apparently she said last year that she hopes to get married before she’s 40. Yeah, she’ll probably look 25 by then. Can you believe she’s 32??


P.S. The more, err, provocative pictures here.

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  • chan

    that’s some cougar magic. fyi, a PG rating allows for “some depictions of brief nudity” so please don’t feel like you need to hold back.

  • ameiam

    hahaha we’re going to attract some interesting readers to our site at that rate =)