Proud and pregnant, Japanese women bare it all

r1947839560In a new trend that makes typical baby showers seem uninspired, Japanese women are posing nude to celebrate the beauty of their pregnant bellies.  As more and more Japanese women opt to start families later in life, pregnancy is becoming, for many, a once-in-a-lifetime experience–and these women want to remember it.

The trend exploded when J-pop singer, Hitomi, published a nude picture of her pregnant self on her new album, “LOVE LIFE2.”  Now, increasing numbers of pregnant women are flocking to maternity photo studios to their tummies photographed, too.

hitomi-love-life-2-cdAs 40-year old Kumiko Yoda, who gave birth to a boy last month, told Reuters:

“I was so happy during my pregnancy.  This moment will not come back to me again and these pictures are for my own enjoyment.”

I’m definitely going to suggest this to the three pregnant women I know!


P.S.  Much thanks to our fan Josiah @p0tat0head for this link!

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